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106 Beacon Solution

BLE Beacon Device :


BLE Beacon devices are just like little elfins, some of them could sensitively detect the environment with built-in sensors, it advertises packets in a pre-configured way (there are some parameters for configuration, e.g. Advertising Interval, Tx Power). Devices like smartphones could collect these packets when within beacon's working range. These packets can be used for a variety of smartphone applications to trigger things like push messages, app actions, and prompts.

Support iBeacon ,Eddystone ,Altbeacon.



Beacon Cloud :

Beacon Management 

Indoor Location 

Data Analysis

Bluetooth Gateway:

Wifi+Bluetooth 5


Beacon Gateway 

Beacon Solution Application:

Broadcast, Proximity Marketing, Digital Signage, Check-in, Indoor Location, Asset Tracking, Vehicle Tracking and so on .