Blueooth Beacon Technology BLE 5.0

FSC-BP103 is the Mini size Beacon , adopt TI CC2640R2F chipset , it's Bluetooth 5.0 BLE Beacon
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Product Details

1. Description

FeasyBeacon Mini FSC-BP103 is a battery-powered Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy proximity-beacon, it simultaneously supports iBeacon, Eddystone (e.g. URL, UID), AltBeacon for broadcasting and provides the ability to advertise up to 10 slots of advertising frames.


With the iOS & Android FeasyBeacon SDK, the developers can take advantage of the flexibility of the SDK and focus on their own application, such as Broadcast, Proximity Marketing, Digital Signage, Indoor Location, Asset Tracking, Vehicle Tracking, etc. Meanwhile, FeasyBeacon SDK compiled app is available to download from both the iOS and Android platform (search ‘FeasyBeacon’ to download).

2. Features

·         Bluetooth 5.0 Compliant

·         Pre-programmed with Feasycom Standard Beacon Firmware

·         Up to 10 slots of Advertising Frames

·         Portable Small-sized Beacon with 1 Year Battery Life (by Default Settings)

·         Variety of Additional Components (e.g. Button, Optional G-sensor, Optional Buzzer)

·         Configurable by Free FeasyBeacon Mobile App and SDK54

·         Customizable Color, Logo, Hardware, Software



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