Long Range 5.0 Proximity Beacon Bluetooth

500M Bluetooth 5.0 Proximity Beacon TICC2640R2F Chipset Product Size: 62.2 * 62.2 * 18.8CM Battery Life: 5 Years. Max Work Range:Up to 500m
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Product Details

Long Range 5.0 Proximity Beacon's Introduction:

FeasyBeacon BP104 500M Long Range 5.0 Proximity Beacon Bluetooth is designed by Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co., Ltd which is quite popular for North American and Europe Countries.

Long Range 5.0 Proximity Beacon's Main Features:

  • Free APP(Feasybeacon) and SDK available for both Android and Ios system. All major parameters can be modified via “FeasyBeacon “, include device name, TX power, advertising Interval, password etc. Default password: 000000

  • Up to 500m work range (in open area), support 10 slot broadcast

  • Based on TICC2640R2F Bluetooth 5.0 low energy module, powered by 2*AAA battery, for nearly 5 years battery life

  • Comply with Eddstone UID& URL and iBeaocn format broadcast which can be configurable for non-connectable advertising frames

  • Particularly suitable for retail, stadium, museum, hospital, exhibition, hotel, restaurant etc.

Long Range 5.0 Proximity Beacon's Image:

    Product Description

FeasyBeacon 5Mart adopting the TI CC2640R2F chipset, the newest bluetooth 5.0 low energy technology,with 4 year super long work life guaranteed via high quality AAA battery. Transmit distance reach up to 500m.

Package Include

● 1*Feasybeacon 5Mart
● 1*User manual
● 1*3M sticker


● Support protocol: iBeacon, Eddystone URL&UID.
● Advertising interval: 100-1280ms can be replaceable
● Compatible with both iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.3+
● Max number of broadcast: Up to 10 slots
● Max TX power: 5dB
● Work range: 500m in open space
● Battery: 2*AAA battery
● Default password: 000000

User Guide:

1. Open the beacon housing, install 2 pcs *AAA battery.
2. Turn on Bluetooth & Location Service of the smartphone.
3. Install the “FeasyBeacon” APP, which available on Apple APP Store or Google Play
4. Search the BP104 Beacon via FeasyBeacon APP, on “setting” page, input “000000” password, enter to the configuration area, input URL or UID.
5. Save the beacon setting info.

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