Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Proximity Beacon With Android & iOS Programmable FSC-BP103

It's Lynn, from Feasycom. Do you have interested in beacon recently? There is the information of our beacon: 1>In open area,4000M Work Range for iOS Devices and 1000M Work Range for Android Devices 2>Support iOS, Android(FeasyBeacon),Windows System for Configuration, SDK support .Linux ,MAC System via AT Command. 3>Comply with Eddystone,iBeacon, Altbeacon, support 10 slot broadcasting (URL,UID,iBeacon) simultaneously 4>BLE bluetooth 5.0 beacon, using TI CC2640 chip and CR2032 battery 5>Particularly suitable for retail, stadium, museum, hospital, exhibition, hotel, restaurant and the remote area wireless communication application ,etc.

Product Details


Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Proximity Beacon with Android & Ios programmable FSC-BP103



Product Description:



FeasyBeacon Mini is a battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy proximity-beacon, with multifunctional firmware, it simultaneously supports iBeacon, Eddystone (URL and UID), AltBeacon.


FeasyBeacon Mini using the TI CC2640R2F Chipset, support 10 slots broadcast which can be configurable for non-connectable advertising frames. Transmit distance reach up to 80m .


With the tiny and lightweight shape, it is the perfect choice for stable or temporary installations ,such as shops, museums, exhibits, trade fairs, retails, stadium, asset identification, restaurant, etc.


FeasyBeacon APP  Demo Video:



Main selling points:


Bluetooth 5.0 beacon, TI CC2640R2F ,work distance : 80m     (In open space)

# Support iOS & Android(FeasyBeacon),Windows System for Configuration, SDK support .Linux ,MAC System via AT Command.

Comply with Eddystone(URL,UID),iBeacon,Altbeacon,

 support 10 slots broadcast which can be configurable for non-connectable advertising frames.

# Battery-powered Bluetooth Low Energy proximity-beacon;

battery life: 216 days (ADV Interval: 1s, TX Power= 0dBm)


# Particularly suitable for retail, stadium, museum, hospital, exhibition, hotel, restaurant etc.



Now for how to enable the Physical Web app.

Step 1: Download Physical Web app.

Step 2: Plug in beacons broadcasting Eddystone-URL signal.

Step 3: Refresh the app and wait for Eddystone-URL signals to appear.

Step 4: Check out the URL and enjoy your Physical Web experience!


How to enable Google Chrome to receive Eddystone-URL

Step 1: Download Google Chrome.

Step 2: Enable Google Chrome’s today widget and make sure it is scanning for Physical Web objects.

Step 3: Plug in beacons broadcasting Eddystone-URL signal.

Step 4: Refresh the Today tab and wait for the Eddystone-URL’s to be found.

Step 5: Check out the URL and enjoy your Physical Web experience!



FFeasyBeacon Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Proximity Beacon Product Datasheet:



Advertising Specification

Advertising Format

Eddystone (URL/ UID/ TLM/ EID), iBeacon, AltBeacon

Config App

FeasyBeacon (Free for lifetime using)

APP Pin Code


Advertising Interval


Secure Config

access password

Max Number of Broadcast

10 Slots configurable advertising frames

Default Broadcast Interval

1200ms for iBeacon & Eddystone

Support System

iOS 7.0+, Android4.3+

Work Distance

Up to 80m

Upgrade Mode

OTA (over the air update firmware)

Product Specification


TI CC2640R2F


Bluetooth 5.0

TX power

-23 - +5 dBm


PCB Coil antenna

Power Supply


Battery Life

300days (ADV Interval: 1200ms;TX Power= 0dBm)


ABS plastic


White, Green, Black, Rose Carmine, can be customizable


36.5 *32.5 *7.2 mm

Net weight




Operating temperature

-20°C to +60°C







Company Introduction:


Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co.,LTD focus on the researching and developing of IoT (internet of things) products, including Bluetooth Modules, WiFi and LoRa Modules, Bluetooth Beacon, etc. With more than 10-year experiences in the wireless connectivity, which ensure us have the capability for providing low-risk product development, reducing system integration cost and shortening product customization cycle to thousands of diverse customer worldwide.


Feasycoms engineering and design services include:


APP Support

PCB Design

Development Board

Firmware Development

Depth Customization

Certification Request

Turn-Key Production Testing & Manufacturing


Our products and services mainly apply to Automotive, Point of Sale, Home Automation, Healthcare and Engineering, Banking, Computing, Vending Business, Location, Lighting and more.


Aiming at “Make Communication Easy and Freely, Feasycom is dedicated to design and develop high-quality products, efficient services to customers, for today, and all days to come.

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 Packaging & Shipping


1.Material delivery will be arranged by DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT/EMS,normally it will take 3-7 working days 

to arrive in most of the countries.


2.We can also help you ship the goods by air line, then you fetch the packet from your local airport ,normally it takes about 2-7 days.