BLE 5.0 Beacon For Indoor Position

BLE 5.0 Beacon For Indoor Position

FSC-BP103 is a small size mini Beacon , it's Bluetooth 5.0 low energy BLE Beacon , adopt TI CC2640R2F chip and CR2032 battery,FSC-BP103 integrate button and LED light ( Button and light built in the case ).
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FeasyBeacon FSC-BP103 Mini Beacon is a small size BLE 5.0 Beacon , it aopt TI CC2640R2F chip , the broadcast range up to 80m in open area , FSC-BP103's size: 36.5mm*32.5mm*7.5mm , the power is supplied by CR2032 battery , battery life up to 1 year@1300ms , 0dBm .

BLE 5.0 module

FSC-BP103 include Button and LED light , and also coud add sensor in it , we have the App " FeasyBeacon " to integrate the parameters .

FSC-BP103 mini BLE 5.0 Beacon's usage scenario:

*Beacon location

*Proximity marketing 

*Asset tracking

*Check in 

and so on .

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