Bluetooth iBeacon Tag Waterproof BLE

Free APP (Feasybeacon) and SDK available for both Android and iOS system Up to 500m work range (in open area), based on TICC2640R2F Bluetooth 5.0 low energy module Powered CR3032 battery, for 2 years battery life Waterproof IP67 suitabl for outdoor use ,long life span Unique Patent design
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1.Supported iOS 7.0+,Android 4.3+ system.

2.Support protocol: iBeacon, Eddystone URL&UID, Altbeacon

3.Built-in CR3032 battery.2 years battery life(at default settings).

4.Advertising interval: 100-2000ms can be replaceable

5.Transmission power range: -21dBm to +5dBm.

6.Max number of broadcast: Up to 10 slots   Max TX power: 5dB    Default password: 000000

7.Bluetooth Range up to 500in the open area.

9.Patent design.Waterproof IP67.

9.3M sticker.Logo and color customized.

10.Upgrade via Over-The-Air.


Beacon solution application scenarios:


1.iBeacon Solution
The iBeacon device broadcast UUID, Major ID, Minor ID. Smartphone do response according to these ID info.

The UUID, Major ID, Minor ID can be configured by smartphone app.


2.Student Attendance Solution 

Track the students when they board the bus, enter the school and taking the attendance for the students in the school.Use feasycom ble beacon tag instead of traditional RFID.


3.Asset Tracking and location solution

It can suitable for hosptial ,company ,goverment ,industry area ext for asset tracking.

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