BLE 5.0 Bluetooth Mesh Network Module

BLE 5.0 Bluetooth Mesh Network Module

FSC-BT671 is the highest class 1 ,Bluetooth 5 connectivity with long-range Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Highly flexible, ultra- lower power bluetooth low energy module. TX power up to +19dBm. FSC-BT671 can use for bluetooth mesh network. Widely used in light control, smart home systems and so on.
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                    BLE 5.0 Bluetooth Mesh Network Module

FSC-BT671 is a high performance ble 5.0 bluetooth mesh network module , FSC-BT671 integrate 40MHz ARM Cortex-M4 MCU , the transmit power up to +19dBm maximum , it adopt EFR32BG13P732 chip and Bluetooth 5.0 technology .


FSC-BT671 provide the solution for BLE data transceiver , especially used for long range data transmission or receive , the firmware also supports BLE Mesh network , the small size let FSC-BT671 BLE 5.0 module’s application more flexible and versatile .


FSC-BT671 super long range BLE 5.0 module’s features:


*Bluetooth 5.0 low energy Wireless transceiver

*Integrate 40MHz ARM Cortex-M4 MCU

*Class 1 , transmit power up to +19dBm maximum

*The UART baud rate supports 1200bps to 230400bps

*Supports OTA upgraded

*Bluetooth stack protocol supports : All BLE protocol , BLE HID

*Supports UART,I2C,SPI,12-bit ADC(200ks/s) interfaces

*Small size: 10mm*11.9mm*1.3mm

*Hardware & Firmware technical supports

*BLE data transceiver , BLE Mesh network

FSC-BT671 high performance BLE 5.0 module’s parameters:




Transmit   power

+19dBm   ( Maximum )

Bluetooth   version

Bluetooth   5.0 low energy



UART   interface


General   purpose I/O

Default   baud rate 115200,N,8,1

Baud   rate supports from 1200 to 230400bps

5,6,7,8   data bit character



GATT   Client & peripheral-any customer services

Bluetooth   5.0 low energy

MFI   supports

Voltage   supply


Module   dimension



FSC-BT671 BT 5.0 LE module’s applications:


*Long range Master-Slave application


*Automotive electronic products

*BLE Mesh network

*Health & medical device

*IoT sensor and end device



 Silicon BLE 5.0 Bluetooth Module Class 1 Mesh IOT solution module for Smart home Light Control



*Mesh light control network

*Fitness devices

*Climate Control  

*Safety and Security 

*Access Control



*Accessories device

*Home Appliances

*Internet of Things





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