BLE Module With Nrf52832

FSC-BT630 – Feasycom bluetooth low energy BLE Module with nrf52832
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FSC-BT630 – Feasycom bluetooth low energy BLE Module with nrf52832

Bluetooth modules FSC-BT630 from Feasycom have been well recommened over other modules on the market because of the best PCB size, quality, functionality and price point.


  • Nordic nRF52832 chipset

  • Bluetooth 5.0/4.2/4.1/4.0 support

  • Class 1.5 (signal power up to +4dBm)

  • Profiles including GAP, ATT/GATT, SMP, L2CAP

  • Built-in ceramic chip antenna, external antenna optional

  • Current consumption: 7mA connected, 10mA max

  • Connection status LED indication

  • PIN code security

  • Size: 10×11.9×1.7mm

  • Works with: Android – YES; iOS – YES

FSC-BT630 BLE Module nrf52832:

Host Communication Interface

FSC-BT630’s communication interface is UART.

The default UART settings are 115200 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.

The UART flow control function of CTS and RTS are available to use.





1.1.6  Transmission Speed

When FSC-BT630 runs in high-speed mode at best conditions (distance between Bluetooth devices less than 1m, no barrier exist between Bluetooth devices, etc) and the UART baud rate is 921600 bps, its maximum BLE transmission speed can reach up to 64 kB/s with an iPhone 8 or a Galaxy S8.

For high speed and excellent stability, UART flow control with CTS and RTS is required.

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