Bluetooth 5 SOC Module Mesh

The FSC-BT681 is a highly integrated SOC Bluetooth Low Energy Module .Bluetooth 5.0 module with ultra-small size.It also can be widely used for SIG Mesh application.
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Product Details

 The FSC-BT681 is a highly integrated Bluetooth 5 SOC Module Mesh.Ultra-small size module,It also can be widely used for SIG Mesh application.

High Lights

  1. Bluetooth® v5.0 specification fully qualified Software

  2. Bluetooth® v5.0 specification compliant hardware

  3. Serial interfaces: UART

  4. Surface-mount, Size: 10×11.9×1.7mm

  5. Support all ble protocol

  6. Bluetooth mesh network 


*Bluetooth V5.0
*Bluetooth low energy
*Bluetooth mesh network firmware optional
*Embedded 32-bit MCU
*Embedded 4Mbit Flash ,64KB SRAM
*UART programming and data interface (baudrate can up to 921600bps)
*UART/I2C/SPI/PWM control interfaces
*Transmit power: 9.5dBm
*Receiving sensitivity: -94dBm
*Postage stamp sized form factor
*Support External Antenna


*Werable Device

*SIG Mesh

*Medical Device


Feasycom ability:

1.We provide module and strandard firmware

2.Some modules support flash customized firmware

3.PCBA Depth Customization

We can provdide service for PCB design, PCB layout, PCB manufacture, components purchasing, PCB assembly, test, packing and PCB delivery

4.Firmware Develop

We can provide firmware develop for cutomization requirement

5.One-Stop service for bluetooth-end product 

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