Compliant HC-06 Bluetooth Slave Data Module FSC-BT426

Compliant HC-06 bluetooth slave data module FSC-BT426 FSC-BT426N ( hc06 Improved version ) is a fully integrated Bluetooth module that complies with Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode protocols(BR/EDR/LE). It integrates a baseband controller and M3 CPU in a small package ( Integrated PCB antenna ) ,so that...

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Compliant HC-06 bluetooth slave data module FSC-BT426


FSC-BT426N(hc06 Improved version ) is a fully integrated Bluetooth module that complies with Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode protocols(BR/EDR/LE). It integrates a baseband controller and M3 CPU in a small package(Integrated PCB antenna),so that the designers can have better flexibility for the product shapes. 

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* Fully qualified Bluetooth 4.0/3.0/2.1/2.0/1.2/1.1

* Profiles support: SPP, HID, GATT, etc.

* Postage stamp sized: 13*26.9 *2mm

* Class 1.5 support(high output power)

* UART:The default UART Baud rate is 115.2Kbps and can support from 1200bps up to 921Kbps

* Support the OTA upgrade.

* BQB & MFI Certification 

* RoHS compliant.




Product Description:


1, Tips ( very important ):


  TXD: the sending end , generally played as their transmitter, normal communication must be connected to the RXD Pin of the other device .
  RXD: the receiving end, generally played as their receiving end, the normal communication must be connected to the TXD Pin of the other device.


Loop Test (TXD Connect to RXD) :


In order to test whether the Bluetooth module has the normal data sending & receiving ability, can use the Bluetooth device(Smartphone) to connect to the Bluetooth module, and the Bluetooth module’s TXD Pin connect to the RXD Pin, send the data via Smartphone Bluetooth assistance app, if the received data is same as the data sent via Bluetooth assistance app, that means the Bluetooth module working in good condition.

2, Level Logic:


TTL level: typically binary data representation , +5 V equivalent to the predetermined logical 1, 0V is equivalent to logic 0, the system is called a TTL signal is positive logic.

RS232 level: -12V used to -3V, equivalent to a logic 0, +3 V to +12 V logic level is equivalent to logic 1 , negative logic


3, Main Features :


1)The using method for KEY Pin:

 Assume that the present status is transparent transmission mode, set this pin as high level, will enter to AT Command Mode, can set the parameter and inquiry parameter information; Set this pin as low level, will back to transparent transmission mode.

Remarks: Status and Key Pin can be work as the flow control pin. Before using this specified functions, please confirm with our technical staff.


2)LED Bluetooth Connection Indicator: Pairing Mode—Slow Shinning, Searching Mode--Quick Shinning, Connected—Stable Lighting.


3).With Power Anti-Reverse Diode,3.3V LDO, Input Voltage 3.6~6V(mustn’t be more than 7V!!),under not paired mode, consumption current ~30mA,Paired mode ,consumption current ~20mA.

4).Interface Level is 3.3V,can directly connect to different kinds of SCM(Such as 51,AVR,PIC,ARM,MSP430, etc),also can directly connect to the 5V Interface Level SCM(Such as our FSC-BT826N)


5).Around 30M coverage in open area (Power Level Class 1.5),more than 30M distance, we are not guarantee for the connection stability.


6).After Pairing successfully, work as Full Duplex Serial port, support the baud rate from 4800bps~921600bps,no need any Bluetooth protocol knowledge, support multiple communication format, such as the 8 bit data bits ,1 bit stop bit, No Parity Checking, etc

7).Support to set the high level for KEY Pin ,can enter to AT Command Mode ,set parameter and inquiry data information anytime.


8).Mini Size(3.57*1.52cm),strict SMT Process, with transparent heat-shrinkable tube, anti-dust & anti-static.


9).Default Mode: Pairing Mode, can search and connect to designated device, please check our manual for more details.


10) The default mode for FSC-DB004 is without button, adding button option is available.

  Here’s the brief introduction for the button using method:

 1> If the present status is connected, short press this button, will disconnect the present status.

 2> If the present status is disconnected, short press this button, will connect to the latest paired device at the fastest way.

 3> Under any work status, long press this button 3 seconds, auto enter to the searching and connection mode, default mode is choose the strongest signal Bluetooth device(if already connected to other device, will disconnect it.)


4, Usage:


 Reminder : Do not connect the power to the signal pin, will burn the module.

After paired, can be used as the normal fixed baud rate serial port. Any devices with Fixed baud rate,8 bit data bits, no parity checking communication format, can replace the old serial port which with cable connection ,no need to modify the software. Mainly applied to data collection, smart car, serial port printer, outdoor dot matrix screen control, etc.

1>     Pairing using with computer: Computer and Bluetooth devices start the communication via Bluetooth serial port, using method same as serial port communication.

2>     Pairing using with Smartphone: Smartphone and Bluetooth devices start the communication via Bluetooth serial port, using method same as serial port communication.

3>     Pairing using with Bluetooth host device: two devices start the communication via Bluetooth serial port, such as SCM to SCM, Serial port with cable to SCM, etc, using method same as serial port communication.




5, Flexible use:


1).Baud rate conversion: because the receiver and the sender module can choose their own baud rate, during small data transmission period, these modules can be work as baud rate conversion device.

2).Status and Key Pin can be work as the flow control pin. Before using this specified functions, please confirm with our technical staff.


6,Packing included:

 1 x Bluetooth Transceiver Module





7, Application


Bluetooth printer
Bluetooth GPS

Bluetooth PCMCIA, USB Dongle
Bluetooth wireless data transmission

Industrial remote control, telemetry
Handheld POS system, wireless keyboard, mouse
Traffic, underground positioning, alarm
Automatic data acquisition system
Wireless data transmission; the banking system
Wireless data acquisition
Building automation, security, computer room equipment wireless monitoring, entrance guard system;
Intelligent Home Furnishing, industrial control
Automobile testing equipment
Interactive television program the voting equipment
The government street lamp energy-saving device
The wireless LED display system
Bluetooth joystick, Bluetooth game controller
Bluetooth remote control toys


8, Our Advantages


1).Factory supply directly, with excellent R&D Team, can design, manufacture according to clients’ requirement.

2).Competitive price advantage helps to save your purchase cost and time-saving.

3). Rich stock can satisfy urgent requirement, Fast shipment is supported.

4).More than 6 years wholesale and retail business enable us accumulated much experience in electronic components filed.
5). High standard policy for the production and Pre shipment inspection,make sure can offer you the good quality products.
6).Deep Customization Services, Android Bluetooth Assistance APP, iOS Bluetooth Assistance APP,PC Serial Port Tool.

7).Source Code+ SDK, Software + Hardware +APP Technical Support, 6 Pin Debug Board, USB Debug Board, etc.

9, FAQ:


Q1. Do you have any MOQ limit for an order?

No MOQ Limit, we welcome any client to purchase the sample for test purpose.


Q2: How to proceed an order?

Firstly, let us know your requirements or application. Secondly, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. Thirdly, customer confirms the samples and pay deposit for the official order.

Finally, we arrange the production and shipping. 


Q3: Do you accept Alibaba online orders?

Sure! We prefer to fulfil orders under Alibaba Trade Assurance system, since both parties will be protected.


Q4: Do you provide samples? is it free or extra?

No, we are not offer the free sample, however once the order confirmed after sample approval, we will return the sample cost to you.


Q5: How long is your lead time?

It depends on the actual situations. Normally, it is 2-6 working days if the goods are in stock, or it is 7-40 days if the goods not in stock.


Q6: Is it OK to print my logo on the packing?

Of course, customized packing accepted. But it may bring some cost, it depends on the qty and the packing.


Q7: What is your terms of payment ?

For small amount orders, 100% better paid by PayPal or T/T in advance. For large amount orders like more than 10000USD, 30% T/T in advance , balance fully paid before shipment.


Q8: How do you guarantee my goods right?

Order will be arranged exactly as requested, we will doubly check the packing and qty before delivering out also we will take you photos if required or necessary.




Things You Need To Know For Bluetooth Modules:


1 What is Bluetooth 4.0:

Bluetooth 4.0 is consists of Bluetooth Basic Rate (BR)/Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), High Speed (HS) and Low Energy (LE), Bluetooth 4.0 covers the Bluetooth 2.0,2.1,3.0 Versions. Nowadays, there are a lot of devices powered by Bluetooth 4.0, such as Bluetooth Earphone, Speakers, Vehicle Electronic Equipment, OBD, Printer, Barcode Scanner, Mobile Medical Device, Bracelet, Pedometer, etc.


2 What is Bluetooth Dual Mode Module:

Bluetooth Dual Mode Module is a Single-Module Bluetooth Solution with Built-in Bluetooth Basic Rate (BR)/Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)/Low Energy (LE) Functions.


3 What is BLE Module:

BLE Module is a Single-Module Bluetooth Solution with Built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Function.


4 What are the Bluetooth Dual Mode Advantages:

There are two most frequently applied Bluetooth Profiles for the general data communication between Smart Device and Bluetooth Peripheral: BLE and SPP.


In iOS, SPP is Only Available after the Bluetooth Peripheral passed the MFi Certification, in view of the high cost and complex process of the MFi Certification, BLE is much good to use. In Android Camp, BLE is Only supported by Android 4.3 and later versions of the Android OS, this lead to the serious system fragmentation issues and make a lot of Android devices has the bad compatibility for the BLE, so SPP has a huge advantage for data communication in android.


In Summary, If one product need to support iOS and Android devices simultaneously, our Bluetooth dual mode modules are the best choice.

5 What is the transmission distance for Bluetooth Modules:

Class 2 : 10M                 Class 1:  100M


6 What is the transmission speed For Classic Bluetooth Module SPP & BLE 4.0

Under Ideal Condition:

SPP: About 80KBytes/s

BLE: About 8KBytes/s


(Remarks: When starts the audio transmission ,the transmission speed for both types will be decreased. When music on, BLE transmission speed is about 1~2KBytes/s )


Company Introduction:


Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co.,LTD

Feasycom focus on the researching and developing of IoT (internet of things) products, including Bluetooth Modules, WiFi and LoRa Modules, etc. With more than 10-year experiences in the wireless connectivity, which ensure us have the capability for providing low-risk product development, reducing system integration cost and shortening product customization cycle to thousands of diverse customer worldwide.


Feasycoms engineering and design services include:



APP Support

PCB Design

Development Board

Firmware Development

Depth Customization

Certification Request

Turn-Key Production Testing & Manufacturing


Our products and services mainly apply to Automotive, Point of Sale, Home Automation, Healthcare and Engineering, Banking, Computing, Vending Business, Location, Lighting and more.


Aiming at “Make Communication Easy and Freely, Feasycom is dedicated to design and develop high-quality products, efficient services to customers, for today, and all days to come.


 Packaging & Shipping


1.Material delivery will be arranged by DHL/UPS/Fedex/TNT/EMS,normally it will take 3-7 working days 

to arrive in most of the countries.

2.We can also help you ship the goods by air line, then you fetch the packet from your local airport ,normally it takes about 2-7 days.





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