BT 4.2 Dual Mode Bluetooth Printer Module



Printers are widely used in various fields such as instrumentation, utility meter reading, supermarkets, mobile police systems, convenience stores, mobile government affairs systems, postal services, handheld devices, restaurants, etc. As a short-range wireless communication protocol, Bluetooth technology has Low cost, low power consumption, high speed, convenient and flexible features, very suitable for printer products.

                                                          Figure 1


Figure 1 shows the overall block diagram of a Bluetooth printer solution:


1) Bluetooth host devices (such as mobile phones, PADs, computers, etc.) to search and connect Bluetooth slave module by wireless communication to establish transparent transmission serial port communication channel.

2) The slave module data transmit to the printer motherboard MCU, printer driver to execute the print job


Bluetooth module introduction

                                                          Figure 2

Figure 2 is the module designed by Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co., Ltd. It is an embedded bluetooth serial communication dual mode module, connect with the bluetooth master chip via the UART serial port , it can achieve wireless data transmission between Bluetooth host device (mobile phone or computer, etc.) and the printer device.

Power on the FSC-BT826 module and enter into command mode, it can modify the corresponding parameters according to the instruction manual, such as Bluetooth name, baud rate, pairing code. In the printer application, as a slave, other bluetooth devices (such as mobile phones, PAD, computers, etc.) can search for this Bluetooth module, set up a connection and data transmission, after the successful connection, Bluetooth module and the printer enter into the transparent mode.



Bluetooth module application diagram

Pin instructions

Pin No.

Pin Name

Pin Descriptions



UART data output



UART data input



UART clear to send active low



UART request to send active low



Reset if low. Input debounced so must be lo for >5ms to cause a reset.



Power supply voltage 3.3V



Power Ground



Programmable input/output line

Alternative Function: LED(Default)



Programmable input/output line

Alternative Function: BT Status(Default)

           Table 1


Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co., Ltd. has its own protocol stack for the printer industry and launched different modules to meet customers’ demands, the most common module for bluetooth printer it is FSC-BT826 Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Mode Module 1+1 for printer ,and FSC-BT836 Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Mode Module 1+Multiple for printer .

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