25% IoT Devices Can't Connect to the Network, Why

- May 10, 2020-

According to statistics, the customer complaint rate of the Wi-Fi provisioning failure of IoT products is as high as 25%. Here is the possible reasons:


l Operation is too complicated

l Connection number to the router is limited

l SSID symbol, unfamiliar or hidden words

l The existence of file extranet in some application scenarios

l IoT device is too far from the router and the signal is weak

l Wi-Fi sets up blacklist function without adding whitelist


Provisioning Method


Generally, the traditional method is to use Airkiss and Smartconfig combined app to do Wi-Fi provisioning, but there is a certain possibility of failure by using these provisioning methods; at the same time, it also derives provisioning methods that use sonic and QR code, which effectively reduces the proportion of provisioning failure. The success rate of the Wi-Fi provisioning over sonic is higher than 90%, and the QR code method is higher than 95%


Provisioning Pain Points Resolving


With the introduction of the RTL8720 and ESP32 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth two-in-one chips, the stability of the Wi-Fi provisioning over Bluetooth can greatly solve or avoid those problems.


The FSC-BW236 module adopts RTL8720DN chipset, it’s perfect for IoT devices, it’s a Wi-Fi & Bluetooth combo solution which supports BLE 5.0 and 802.11 at the same time. It can not only work as a peripheral device but also a central device. The Wi-Fi provisioning over Bluetooth is much easier and more reliable than other solutions.


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