a small size soc module for usb adapter for the community

- Sep 24, 2019-

Recently there is a requirement that the ble module (http://www.feasycom.net/ble-module/bluetooth-5-ble-module/bluetooth-low-energy-peripheral-role.html) being made into a usb adapter as there's a large community , there doesn't seem to be any available at the moment that support it outside of soldered units on boards and in phones. 

Is it possible to make it smaller, for example the size of the Logitech unifying receiver, so it's concealed? 

The purpose is actually for use with the ’your phone’ app that Microsoft released, the new feature allows for wireless screen mirror to the app but requires this Bluetooth protocol, allowing the user to control the phone from the application. Currently very few laptops support it, most of their recent Surface line supports it. I haven't come across a USB dongle that does support it. 

Do you want to know the answers ,feel free to contact feasycom team.