ANT Protocol-Low power wireless network by Nordic and Dynastream

- Oct 27, 2020-

ANT wireless network is a low-power wireless network standard initiated and promoted by companies such as Nordic and Dynastream.

Extremely low power consumption is one of the biggest advantages of the ANT wireless network. A working life of several years can be achieved with a button battery power supply. The average power consumption of ANT wireless networks can be as low as about 10UA, and the power consumption during sleep can even below 0.5UA. Secondly, ANT wireless network has completely encapsulated related wireless network protocols, anti-interference protocols, ultra-low power consumption power management, etc. inside the chip. Developers do not need to pay attention to the details and processes of their wireless protocols, and do not need to pay attention to how to achieve low power consumption and wake-up, only need to configure each node according to the application needs to complete the network construction and application. For developers, this is a huge improvement, they can focus on the realization of applications and functions without spending a lot of time and energy on wireless protocols and low power consumption, which greatly accelerates the development cycle and shortens the time to market.

Another feature of the ANT network is its extremely flexible network deployment, which can be point-to-point, star-shaped, or even complex mesh networks. Through proper configuration, a certain node in the network can belong to different networks at the same time, and on different channels, it can be used as a master node or as a slave node.