Apple car key will be easy to use as same as Bluetooth key?

- Dec 19, 2020-

On WWDC, Craig federighi said that car key will have an important function improvement next year, and the car experience can be as insensitive as the Bluetooth key.

Apple released car key function today. The first model to support in the IOS 13 / 14 metropolis is the 2021 BMW 5 series.

By now, the car key requires the user to pull out the iPhone and get close to the door handle to unlock it. After getting on the bus, the mobile phone should be put in the designated position to start the car. Just like the key of NFC mobile phone, you need to take out the mobile phone, not senseless operation.

But Craig said Apple could use the ultra wideband technology of the U1 chip in the iPhone to achieve precise spatial location awareness. So you don't have to pull out the phone, you can unlock the door and start the car. It is expected to be implemented in new cars next year.

In short, apple uses U1 chip to solve the problem that NFC must be checked in close range. In this way, the user's experience of using the car without feeling is almost the same as the Bluetooth key. The disadvantage is that this feature can only be used by phones after iPhone 11 (there was no U1 chip in previous iPhones), and it can't be adapted to both iPhone and Android phones like Bluetooth key.