Arduino and FSC-DB007 Bluetooth Module Tutorial

- Jun 11, 2020-

1. Introduction

In this tutorial, you can learn that Arduino UNO communicates with FSC-DB007 through Feasycom serial port V1.0.3 PC tool.

The FSC-DB007 Bluetooth module only needs to use ~10 (module TX) and ~11 (module RX) IO ports of Arduino. The remaining IO ports are not occupied. It is convenient for users to expand more functions and avoid the trouble of wiring.

2. Hardware Instruction


1, Red Bluetooth status indicator will always be on when device connected.

2, The blue Bluetooth working indicator flashes when the device is not connected, and it will always be on when device connected.

3, Blue Arduino reset LED.

4, Arduino reset button.

5, Bluetooth module.

6, External IPEX seat (optional).

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