arduino development board kit for bluetooth audio application

- Nov 23, 2020-

FSC-DB008 and FSC-DB200 are new products from Feasycom company, it’s the Bluetooth audio development board which can work with Arduino UNO board, it can be inserted into Arduino board and programming the Bluetooth audio module directly.


The FSC-DB008 development board is used for FSC-BT966, FSC-BT906 Bluetooth dual mode audio modules.


FSC-DB200 development board is used for FSC-BT806(CSR8670/CSR8675), FSC-BT1026(QCC3031), FSC-BT1006(QCC3007/QCC3008) Bluetooth 5.0 audio modules.


Developer can use the LINI IN, Headset output on the board, and these two boardS only occupies ~10 and ~11 for UART TX and RX, other I/Os is open to use for developer.

Very convenient for programming with Feasycom’s modules.


The development board includes Bluetooth module, LED indicator, RESET button, Headphone output, LINI IN/MIC input, etc.

FSC-DB200 includes the extra Download, NEXT/VOL+, Back/VOL-, OFF/ON/PLAY, SPDIF features.


The FSC-DB008 and FSC-DB200 development boards are all available now, Feasycom provides the Arduino example source code and life-times technical support, If you were using Arduino board to test the Bluetooth module, Welcome to contact us.