BLE 5.0 features:2X Speed ,4X Range,8X Broadcast Capacity

- Sep 20, 2019-

The IoT application of BLE 5.0


With the quickly growth of the IoT(Internet of Thing), wireless communication requirements are increasing, and also high requirements for power consumption, speed, safty and quality, the higher IoT requirements push wireless communication protocols grows constantly, BLE 5.0 is very popular nowadays, but do you know the total features of BLE 5.0?


BLE 5.0 means Bluetooth 5.0 low energy, it’s a low energy Bluetooth protocol, is it same with BLE 4.0 & BLE 4.2 ?

>>>No, although they are Bluetooth low energy, BLE 5.0 is the upgraded version based on BLE 4.2, compare with BLE 4.2, the differences is as following:


*2X speed(Data rate)

*4X work distance

*8X broadcast range

*BLE Mesh network


The higher speed data rate and longer work distance is very useful for data transmission, longer broadcast range is suitable used for BLE iBeacon, BLE Mesh network is also widely used for smart home system.




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Now BLE 5.1 is comming, did you know the features of BLE 5.1? if not, waiting for next article which will related BLE 5.1.

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