ble bluetooth module for healthcare products

- Jul 05, 2019-

Can Bluetooth Modules Help To Make Healthcare Equipment Smarter?


As a small-scale wireless connection technology, Bluetooth technology enables convenient, fast, flexible, low-cost, low-power data and voice communication between devices. Each Bluetooth device can implement routing functions in the network to form a mobile ad hoc network. Connecting Bluetooth to other networks can lead to a wider range of applications, such as access to the Internet, PSTN or public mobile communication networks, which can make user applications more convenient or more cost-effective for users. The Bluetooth wireless personal area network overcomes the drawbacks of the wired network, and can use the computer to perform the query and input of the vital signs data at any time and any place, and plays an important role in the wireless healthcare monitoring.

Electronic medical equipment such as sphygmomanometers, oximeters, thermometers and other smart products use Bluetooth and mobile phone connection, record test and analysis data through APP and give suggestions to become the development trend of many intelligent medical equipment manufacturers. But due to the Bluetooth one-to-one feature, only one device can be connected at a time, thus the product is limited in the process of use or promotion.

To fix this issue, Feasycom brings you the latest Bluetooth dual-mode master-slave module which enables Bluetooth networking and supports multiple device tests, it also cuts cross different products in a wide range. It allows our clients to gain bigger share on the healthcare device market.

The Feasycom Bluetooth dual-mode master-slave module supports classic Bluetooth (v3.0/2.1/2.0) and BLE Bluetooth v5.0, which can be used as SPP master/slave or BLE central mode/periphery mode. It endows a great flexibility for the manufacturers when it comes to new product development.