BLE Mesh introduction

- Jan 19, 2018-

BLE Mesh introduction


What is Mesh?


Mesh Network is a topology structure for networking. Among the Mesh network, data can be sent from any node to the entire network, and when one of the nodes in the network fails, the entire network can still maintain normal communication, it has the advantages of convenient networking  and strong anti-interference ability.



What is BLE Mesh


Bluetooth v5.0 added BLE part. Compared with traditional bluetooth, ble mesh network has the long cover ability and unlimited nodes connection, also solve the short distance Bluetooth connection issues, now it becomes the main parts for IOT. 



BLE Mesh is consist of Mobile and Node. Mobile means smartphone. Smartphone as the control side of mesh network. Node is node device in the network. BLE Mesh network function is achieved via broadcast method. The basic steps are as followed:

1.Broadcast data from node A;

2.Node B broadcast the data from node A after receiving the data from node A.

3.And so on, by the way of infection, one pass ten, ten spread, so that all wireless devices have received this data.

Using this approach in conjunction with our intelligent routing algorithms can efficiently deliver messages across the network and mitigate the adverse effects of broadcast storms and spam. And BLE Mesh also encrypts the data in the network to prevent it from  network data stealing through monitoring and man-in-the-middle attacks.




BLE Mesh in LOT



Build smart lighting system with BLE Mesh. This system contains two kinds of devices include switch and smart lights, smartphone as the control end of the network. First, the smart lights and switches are distributed in two rooms, then group them into a net through a smart phone, and divide them into groups according to the room numbers. Such a BLE Mesh network is completed, there is no need to add any routing device. These two smart lights can be controlled directly by the switch . 

This control process does not require the participation of a smartphone. Grouping is very free, you can freely mix smart lights and switches according to your own preferences. Smartphone can also easily upgrade smart lights. As the number of smart lights in the network increases, the area covered by the network is also increasing.

This is just the beginning, attached to this BLE Mesh network,  it can add more low-power sensors and smart appliances to network. Then group them by smartphone and enable them to work together.  Everything becomes smarter.




BLE Mesh VS ZigBee Mesh



ZigBee Mesh network consist of  Coordinator(C), Router(R)  and End Device(D) . The entire network is controlled by C, C can directly connect to D, but if D and C are beyond the maximum distance, it must be connected by R in the middle.  It can not communicate between D and D ,but can increase R to extend the network.

BLE Mesh network is much simpler, the network is only made of devices, and does not need the participation of router. The control side uses smart phone, While providing convenience to users, it also saves the cost of building a network. Because the extension of the network does not require router participate in, the network is also easier to deploy. In addition there is a huge advantage, nowadays, smart phones, tablets and computers are equipped with Bluetooth, users connect to the BLE Mesh network via Bluetooth, to avoid delays and paralysis caused by network , but also do not need to configure Complex gateway. Greatly enhance the user experience.

Summarized into the following points:

1.Network structure is simple, easier to deploy.

2.does not require routing equipment and coordinator, the cost is lower.

3.Access through the Bluetooth , avoid the network delay.

4.Eliminates the trouble of configuring the gateway for users who do not need a wide range of networking

5.Smartphones are equipped with Bluetooth, easier to promote.


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