BLE Module for smart health medical/door lock /wearable

- Sep 14, 2019-

  What is the Bluetooth module? Bluetooth module is a kind of PCBA board integrated with Bluetooth function, mainly used for wireless network communication.Mainly composed of chips, PCB boards, peripheral devices (general modules have semi-finished properties, is on the basis of the chip processing.

  In other words, Bluetooth modules generally have secondary development features). The Low Energy Bluetooth module (BLE) refers to the support of Bluetooth protocol 4.0 or above module, known as the BLE Bluetooth module, its biggest feature is the cost and power consumption reduction. Applying to real-time requirements is high, but the data rate requirements are not particularly high products.

  Shenzhen feasycom independently developed and produced FSC-BT630 module is low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) module, the module uses on-chip system (SOC), support BT5.0.

  I. Smart Health Medical Equipment 

At this stage, health medical equipment is usually wearable products or other small items, with the help of BLE Bluetooth module, the sensor in the health medical device real-time collection of health data transmitted to the Bluetooth module's master MCU, by the MCU to calculate the value of physiological data, on the one hand, the exact value can be displayed to the LED screen through the corresponding interface

  On the other hand, health data can be transmitted through the BLE Bluetooth module to mobile phone APP, mobile phone APP is responsible for receiving and analyzing the received health data, so as to achieve real-time monitoring of physiological data values on the mobile phone side.

  2.Smart wearable device

Smart wear Low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) relies on Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity and data interaction with mobile phones due to its low power consumption in smart wearable devices, smart watches, smart bracelets, and almost all smart-fringed devices.

  Bluetooth Low Energy technology enables the lowest power consumption of short-range communication, which greatly extends the working time of wearable devices.

  3.Smart door lock 

Bluetooth smart door lock solution sits to meet the needs of different users and permissions while ensuring security. Smart door lock built-in BLE Bluetooth module, the phone through the APP to read the smart lock Bluetooth information, try to pair, and send an open lock request to the server side, the server side to the phone to send an open lock instructions, the phone received instructions, through Bluetooth and then send instructions to the smart door lock to unlock.

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