Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode Barcode Scanner solution

- Jan 26, 2018-

Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode Barcode Scanner solution



 Solution introduction


  Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode Barcode Scanner solution uses FSC-BT816S which is Feasycom Bluetooth dual mode module. It can support protocol of bluetooth3.0 spp, 4.2 GATT and HID simultaneously, and it is compatible with android, windows, and iOS system.


  Support USB HID, USB custom data transmission and upgrade via USB and OTA (Over the air) upgrade method.



Solution advantage


1. Support Bluetooth 4.2, and backward compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 / 2,1 / 2.0 version.

2. Compatible with most of Android, Ios, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian systems.

3. With 4.2 GATT and Bluetooth 3.0 SPP, it can transfer data to other devices such as Apple, Android or Windows via app, also can increase data verification and correction function, ensure the data’s completeness and stability.

4. Fulfill the QR code scanning and other non-keyboard code data reception by apps.

5. Can easy implement 1-dimensional bar code scanning by HID without any apps.

6. Fulfill keyboard’s offline data uploading and firmware upgrade via APP

7. Support off-line scanning storage function.

8. Support multilingual languages

9. Support one master and many slaves mode (up to 15 slave devices)

The minimum power consumption of the complete product can be 1mA



Hardware diagram






1. Android system

Provide android system Bluetooth SPP UART demo and the related technical support

2. IOS system

Provide IOS system Bluetooth 4.2 app software examples and the related technical support.

3. Windows system

Provide windows PC USB application software examples and the related technical support, provide USB software upgrade.