Bluetooth 4.2 Scanner Module for iOS and Android

- Dec 28, 2019-

Nowadays, many supermarkets and storehouses require the scanner for goods detailed account. In the big space, the line scanner is not easy for working. For working convenience, the scanner manufactures make wireless scanner. And Bluetooth module cost and consumption are great than other wireless modules. Currently, the Bluetooth scanner is a very popular Bluetooth product.

With the Bluetooth Scanner solution, Feasycom has a great Bluetooth Module FSC-BT826.

This module is Bluetooth 4.2 module, could support SPP and BLE protocol, it could be satisfied with IOS and Android device users. FSC-BT826 supports UART communication and firmware OTA. The module SPP data transmission up to 80KB/s, many companies make this module for the Bluetooth printer now. Here is some information about the module FSC-BT826: