Bluetooth low energy module dedicated to smart wireless sphygmomanometer

- May 09, 2020-

Sphygmomanometer is a very common measuring device in our life, with the rapid development of medical equipment, there are more and more types of home using sphygmomanometers, they are small-sized and easy to operate.


Some of the sphygmometers can work with mobile app, user can get real-time data and also can save the data for a period of time.


How to use an app to check and save the data? Only need embeds a wireless BLE module into the sphygmometer, the BLE module needs to be low power consumption, small size.


FSC-BT630 BLE 5.0 module can be used for the application directly, it adopts nRF52832 chipset and has FCC, CE certifications, small size: 10mm x 11.8mm x 1.9mm


You can check the BLE module parameters by the link:


URL link


Customer can configure the Bluetooth low energy module through AT commands directly, very easy for develping.



About the ANC technology, which type of Bluetooth audio module could support this technology? Currently, with the Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC51X series, QCC3040 and QCC3046 module could support. With more Bluetooth information, welcome to contact Feasycom Team.