Bluetooth Low Energy Module for medical application and health care

- Oct 14, 2019-

Bluetooth Low Energy Module


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is supported by the Bluetooth v4.0 and higher version. Its most important feature is low power consumption, mainly for portable devices with high requirements for power consumption. For example: smart home (Bluetooth lock, Bluetooth light), sensors(sphygmomanometer, temperature sensor), consumer electronics (point reading pen, remote control toy).


Currently, Feasycom has several categories of the BLE module, including high-speed Bluetooth Low Energy module, Bluetooth Mesh LE module and economical BLE module.

The high-speed BLE module category contains FSC-BT616 and FSC-BT630, the data rate up to 60 kB/s; the Bluetooth Mesh LE module category contains FSC-BT671, many customers use the module for their smart home applications.


Any interested in the Bluetooth module, welcome to contact with Feasycom team.