Bluetooth module compatible iOS and Android?

- Jun 26, 2019-

I need some advised on what bluetooth module I can use in my project which is compatible with both iOS and Andorid.

I currently have a FSC-BT826 bluetooth module ,I basically want to just use the bluetooth as a serial link between the arduino and smart phone.

So if you may have question all BLE 4.0 modules iOS compatible and usable as a serial link?

The answer is yes ,feasycom bluetooth module can compatible with both iOS and Android .

But there it is a thing i have to mention ,that is iOS via spp need pass MFI certification ,so if you are not a MFi member ,and if you did not pass the MFi certification ,then when you use iOS cellphone ,you can just via BLE for data transmission .But android cellophen you can use SPP protocol .

When talking about compatiblity ,we have to say feasycom bluetooth module have the highest performace on campatibility when using different cellphone and different bluetooth end product .In future other article ,we will talk about bluetooth module compatiblity,thanks .

For more details ,just feel free to contact feasycom team