Bluetooth technology is enhancing in automotive access control field, demand for bluetooth module is increasing!

- Sep 19, 2020-

For years, Bluetooth technology has created connections between car and driver that brought new levels of safety to our roads and more enjoyment to the in-car experience. Bluetooth enabled hands-free calling (HFP) and audio streaming help reduce distracted driving and provide a safer way to stay connected to the road.


Now, Bluetooth technology is again transforming the relationship between car and driver, becoming the new standard for automotive keyless entry(Automotive access control)


Smartphone as Key Fob


A recent expansion of Bluetooth technology in your smartphone is the capability to use it as a key fob to access your car — recognizing you as the owner when you approach and unlocking the doors.


An increasingly popular trend, annual shipments of Bluetooth enabled key fobs and accessories are forecasted to increase 60% over the next five years. According to the 2020 Bluetooth Market Update, analysts expect to see more than 13 million annual shipments of Bluetooth enabled key fobs and accessories by 2024.



Beyond Keyless Entry


It’s use cases like those that are driving this trend in automotive keyless entry and are creating a greater need for more wireless sensors in automobiles.


To meet this demand, auto manufacturers are designing additional arrays of sensors into their cars to support a wide range of uses — from infotainment and passive keyless entry to tire pressure monitor and condition alerts. As such, analysts forecast that in the next five years, two out of every three cars on the road will rely on Bluetooth technology, and it’s anticipated that four to six Bluetooth enabled sensors will be deployed in every future car.


More and more automotive products use Bluetooth technology, such as ETC OBU, Car audio system, T-BOX, OBD, etc.