Choose a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module According to Your Application

- May 19, 2020-

If you are not very familiar with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi technology field, you might find it hard to choose a right Bluetooth module for your project. After all, there are so many types of Bluetooth modules from various suppliers on the market.


Today, taking Feasycom’s main Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module solutions as examples, we’d like to help you choose the right modules for your projects based on different applications with different requirements.


Core Requirements

Appropriate Modules

Car Navigation

BT+Wi-Fi, BT Audio

BW101, BW112, BW121


Bluetooth dual mode, data transmission

BT826, BT836B, BT909

Door Lock

Bluetooth data transmission, low latency

BT630, BT690, BT646

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth audio, TWS

BT802, BT1006A, BT1006C, BT1026


Bluetooth data transmission

BT816S, BT616, BT630

Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth data transmission, HID

BT836B, BT816S, BT909

Thermal Printer

Bluetooth data transmission, multiple connections

BT836B, BT816S, BT826, BT909

Smart Home

Bluetooth data transmission, Bluetooth Mesh

BT630, BT671, BT681, BT686

As you could see from the chart, if you need a Bluetooth module for a Bluetooth speaker project, BT802 would be a fair solution.

If you’re in search for a Bluetooth thermal printer solution, you might look more at the BT836B or BT826.

Does this chart help you when you want to select the right module for your application?

Can’t find your application from the chart? Talk to Feasycom’s experts now!