Classic Bluetotoh VS Bluetotoh Low Energy

- Jul 18, 2019-

What’s The Difference between Classic Bluetooth Module and Bluetooth Low Energy?

As you would know, there are two types of Bluetooth Modules on the market. But what are they? And what’s the difference between them?

Now Feasycom guide you out of the mist.

1. Classic Bluetooth Module (SPP):

Refers to modules that support the Bluetooth protocol below 4.0, which is generally used for transmissions with large data volume, such as voice, music, and other high data volume transmission. The classic Bluetooth module can be subdivided into: a traditional Bluetooth module and a high-speed Bluetooth module. The traditional Bluetooth module was introduced in 2004, and the main representative is the module supporting Bluetooth 2.1 protocol, which was widely supported during the period of smartphone outbreak. The high-speed Bluetooth module was introduced in 2009, and the speed is increased to about 24Mbps, which is eight times that of the traditional Bluetooth module. It can be easily used for data transmission from VCR to HDTV, PC to PMP, and UMPC to printer.

2. Low-Energy Bluetooth Module (BLE):

Refers to the module supporting Bluetooth protocol 4.0 or higher, also known as BLE module (Bluetooh Low Energy Module), the biggest feature of the BLE module is the reduction of cost and power consumption, usually applied to real-time Products with higher requirements with lower data transmission rates, such as: remote control (mouse, keyboard), data transmission of sensing devices (heartbeat, sphygmomanometer, temperature sensor).

Below is the hot item list of Classic Bluetooth Module & BLE Module that Feasycom holds:

FSC-Regular Module