Feasycom Becomes A Supplier Member of The IMDS!

- Nov 26, 2019-

What is IMDS?

IMDS stands for International Material Data System, which is a third-party organization for material composition recognition.



IMDS is a database system for parts and materials in the automotive industry. It was jointly developed by the car manufacturing companies Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen and the Swedish Volvo Car Group. During this period, other auto manufacturers joined the alliance, and negotiations are underway with other companies interested in joining IMDS.
IMDS maintains all relevant material information used in the automotive manufacturing process. Only in this way can the obligations imposed on car manufacturers and their suppliers by national and international standards, laws and regulations be fulfilled.At the same time, each supplier has an ID that identifies the supplier of the submitted material.


Is Feasycom a member of IMDS?

As one of the best Bluetooth connectivity solution providers for Automotive industry, Feasycom Ltd is now one of the member of this system!

Thank you for all of our customers’ support, only with you can we do such great things.

Feasycom sincerely wish to work more with our old and new clients. Let’s make communication easy and freely TOGETHER!
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