Feasycom PC serial port tool’s introduction and user guide

- May 22, 2019-

Using tools: Feasycom PC serial tool , FSC-DB005 with module,Mobile App “FeasyBlue”.




Feasycom PC serial port is a PC tools which could works with Feasycom Bluetooth module by USB-UART interface,it could send AT commands and revise Bluetooth module’s parameters,Feasycom developed the FSC-DB005 development board and the board is connect with Bluetooth module (FSC-BT826,FSC-BT836,FSC-BT616,FSC-BT646,etc) ,FSC-DB005 is USB-UART interface,it provides a connection between Bluetooth module and PC serial port,and convenient for customer to testing Bluetooth module they purchased.

The step is as following:
1.Connecting FSC-DB005-BT836(for example) with PC USB port,it’ll install drives automatically,enter Feasycom serial port,you could choose the correct one from “com” option.


2.On the right ,there has instructions could check module’s parameters(Name,Baud rate,Mac address and Pin code) and revise Bluetooth module’s parameters directly(Name,Baud rate and Pin code)


3.We could also sent AT commands to check and revise module’s parameters to testing commands.


4.On the right,there is a customized,you could save AT commands to option 1,option2.....option7.
Cycle to send AT commands.e module’s parameters to testing commands.


5.The Serial port interface shows Transmit and Received data amount,there are options to show Rx only and Hex Rx.
In below of the interface,you could send files to testing data rate of Bluetooth module.



Smart phone could connect with FSC-DB005-BT836(for example using mobile App “FeasyBlue”),while mobile phone connect with module,PC serial and mobile phone could send and receive data freely, in default mode it’s Pass through mode between “FeasyBlue” and PC serial port.