HM-10 replacement module-TI CC2640 BLE 5.0 module

- Oct 29, 2020-

*Why you should throw away your HM-10 module?

  1. The bluetooth version is BLE 4.0 only, such a low version, it is really hard for the end products to pass certification.

  2.You may noticed that you may cannot find some HM-10 BLE modules when scanning for them with an Android 8.0 phone. 

*Is there a high version module to replace HM-10?

Of course, today we would prefer to recommend a high version module.

Feasycom FSC-BT616 which adopts TI CC2640 chipset, BLE 5.0 high version.

With on-board antenna, CE, FCC, IC Certified.

Supports GATT Server/client Simultaneously.

It is widely used in many application such as medical device, wearable device, ble beacon tags, automotive electronics, OBD device ext.

Pre-progammed feasycom bluetooth stack profile, easy to use.