How to change beacon broadcast interval through firmware

- Jul 21, 2019-

You may know that feasybeacon app or other app ,in the app UI ,you can feel easy to change beacon broadcast interval .

But sometimes you may think it is not so conveinent .

We are going to introduce that there is a way for changing broadcast interval through firmware.

If the beacon default firmware is :5500ms ,you may want save battery life then you prefer default settings:5500ms.

You want sometimes like 1 day 3 times ,you prefer change broadcast interval to :400ms.

Feasycom engineer just design a new firmware ,we can do like this :

1.Default settings:5500ms.

2.when login in successfully (e.g. 000000) and disconnect--> 400ms

3.when login in not successfully (e.g. 111111) and disconnect--> 400ms

It means what we can do is  once the beacon disconnect ,then it will auto change broadcast interval to 400ms.

we have to mention that ,if beacon did not being connected at all ,it shows''Time out'' ,the broadcast interval still 5500ms.