How to change bluetooth module baud rate ?

- Sep 02, 2019-

Blow is a feedback from one of our customer .

''Today we done tests with FSC-BT826E to compare with HC05, that we already use at ours products.


The FSC-BT826E works fine ,and it support HID +SPP+BLE which hc05 can not compared ,but there is a diference at baud rate at command mode. Please see yellow line at the below table.''


''If you has another firmware that matches the same baud rate as HC05, is a better solution ?''

I have to tell you that feasycom bluetooth module FSC-BT826E(HC 05 Pin to pin ).It do support change baud rate .

You can send ''AT+BAUD=38400'',when the module is not being connected.

Then can change baud rate into 38400.The max baurd rate is 921600 for FSC-BT826E.

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