How to choose Bluetooth module for walkie-talkie solution

- Jul 05, 2019-

What Kinds Of Bluetooth Modules Can Be Used On Walkie-Talkie?

Since the traditional interphone are transmitting audio through wires, sometimes it can be very inconvenient to use. Now more people want to use wireless walkie-talkie transmission. Today let Feasycom show you how the walkie-talkie works via Bluetooth modules.


As shown in the figure, device 1 is a Bluetooth device (of course, you can also put the Bluetooth module directly on the walkie-talkie motherboard), with a battery, it can work for a long time. The audio came from the walkie-talkie will be transmitted to the device 2(Bluetooth headset or hand microphone), thus wireless intercom can be realized. In addition, the device 3 is a Bluetooth PTT. It is connected to the device 1 through Bluetooth, and you can press the button on PTT to trigger the intercom.


Bluetooth module that can be used on device 1: BT802, BT906, BT901, BT951

Bluetooth module that can be used on device 2: BT1006A, BT951, BT906

Bluetooth module that can be used on device 3: BT630, BT681