How to pair TWS Bluetooth Module to cellphone

- Jul 08, 2019-

DB1 ,DB2 are two bluetooth speaker which with feature of TWS .

How To Pair DB1/DB2 with your cellphone:

Situation A: DB1 and DB2 unpair status

1.       DB1/DB2 are powered on, both DB1/DB2’s LED0 lights are flashing rapidly, LED1 lights are off

2.       Short Press TP34 on DB1, DB1’s LED1 light’s flashing rapidly, LED0 light’s off. (In this case, DB1’s searching for DB2)

3.  When DB1/DB2’s LED1 lights are lighting steadily and DB1’s LED0 is flashing slowly, DB2’s LED0 light is off, DB1 and DB2 are connected successfully

4.  Turn on your cellphone’s Bluetooth settings, search for DB1Name: Feasycom-1006Aand connect with it. When DB1 LED0 is steadily lighting, it means your cellphone and the DB1/DB2 are connected successfully

5. Now when you click play-music on your cellphone, DB1 will play left channel of the music, DB2 will play right channel of the music. The status will be as the image below:

TWS DEVICE                                             Situation B: DB1 and DB2 paired status

1. When DB1 is powered on: LED1 is flashing rapidly, LED0 is off, stating that DB1 is searching for DB2

2. When DB2 is powered on: LED0 is flashing rapidly, LED1 is off, stating that DB2 can be connected by DB1

How To Clear The Pairing Record

When DB1/DB2 are powered on, long press TP34, 2.5 seconds later the devices will be off, and then after another 5 seconds, LED0 and LED1 lights will be on for 1 second, till now all pairing records are eliminated.


2 pcs of the development boards share the same firmware, but the MAC addresses of them are different, either board could be used as DB1 or DB2. To avoid false connections with the cellphone, we suggest you to use one of them as DB1 and use the other as DB2.

  These Dev Boards can also be used for independent audio testing.

For more details feel free to contact feasycom team