How to switch beacon broadcast interval automatically

- Aug 16, 2019-

You may have a demand that the default broadcast interval is 3500ms ,but a day there is 3 times you want switch the broadcast interval to 550ms automatically .

We are glad to advice you that feasycom software engineer find a solution for this .The special beacon firmware support auto swtich broadcast interval .It is just for special requirement ,the standard beacon do not support like this :

Details are as follows :

Each time beacon detect there is disconnected action ,then it will immediately switch to 550ms .No delay 


Switch to 550ms happens 

1)App shows'' Password failure ''

2)   App shows ''connected ,then ''disconnected''       both this two situation ,there is a disconnected action ,then switch to 550ms directly 


Fail to switch to 550ms happens

''Time out ''

 You may try to connected to the beacon ,but it shows ''Time out ''.

 ''Time out'' means it just try to connect but it can not ,so it will not switch to 550ms 

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