ibeacon beacons with adhesive QR Code stickers

- Jul 04, 2019-

Recetly we got an inquiry that :beacon with qr coe stickers for point of sales .

I have to say that it is possible .

The requirement it is as below :

We needs qr code printed stickers with beacons..

We need to have uniq ids for each beacon on these qr codes.

You can see a sample qr code print below .


You can see the information that qr code contains below.

“macid” and “uuid” information will change according to each Beacon.


bid: 1,

macId: 'DC:0D:30:00:21:32',

uuid: 'fda50693-a4e2-4fb1-afcf-c6eb07646342',

major: '10015',

minor: '21049'

If you are interested in feasycom beacon ,and if you have special requirement ,do not hesitate to contact us .

We will always here try our best to figure out your problems .