Introduction of RDA5836 and RDA5856 chipset module

- Dec 16, 2020-

1.RDA5856TE: Bluetooth 4.1, the first low-end BLUETOOTH chipset launched by RDA. It with large noise, high power consumption and few pin, so it can only be used for some simple speakers.

2.RDA5836TE: Bluetooth 4.1, which supports the master transmitter, is an upgrade version of 5856, modifying most of the performance of 5856 and greatly improving the overall performance of the 5856 chipset.

3.RDA5836Q24: Bluetooth version 4.1, Bluetooth headset chipset, SMALL PACKAGE of QFN, support Bluetooth audio transmitter

4.SC5842: This is RDA's latest Bluetooth chip. It also RDA's highest performance chip, Bluetooth 5.0 version, support SPP/BLE, TWS, audio transmitter.

Feasycom have some module which adopts RDA chipset.

FSC-BT956RDA5836A2DP(Source+Sink)+AVRCP+ SPPAnalog Audio only
FSC-BT956BRDA5856A2DP SINKDigital Audio and Analog Audio