LDAC ON CSR8675 Chip Bluetooth Module

- Oct 11, 2019-

You may heard about LDAC and then you may confused about what is LDAC.

 I would like to give you the following additional information:

1.) LDAC on CSR
There are CSR based BT audio solutions on the market which use a 
CSR8675 chip.
So I am pretty convinced, that nos special Sony chips are required and that LDAC will work on CSR chips.

2.) Yes, we know that LDAC was started by SONY and that not all mobile phones support LDAC - but the support is increasing.
LDAC is now incorporated in the Android OS - so there is a now big number of mobile devices from many manufactures supporting it.
Also many other respected companies (like Sennheiser Headphone company) now offer LDAC additionally to Apt-X because of LDACs higher audio quality.
This now leads to a situation where customers buying high quality audio equipment ask for LDAC.
More and more customers refuse to buy audio equipment without LDAC support.
So this means that we, if we stay with Apt-X will loose a lot of our customers and a lot of possible sales - so our marketing dept. has declared LDAC a "must-have" feature for all new developments.

Above is the requirement from one of our customer,feasycom engineer will work on it,and if we have further updated news about LDAC,we will keep update to you.