mini size bluetotoh module for earphone

- Aug 14, 2019-

Introduction to Mini Bluetooth:

The most outstanding feature of the Mini Bluetooth product is its compact size, light weight, comfortable wearing and convenient carrying. Music is now a way of expressing people’s pursuit of art. They like to listen to songs and feel that wired headphones are too much trouble. Therefore, you need a mini Bluetooth to bring music enjoyment. Generally, the earphones of the Mini Bluetooth are made of soft rubber material, which does not clip the ear pain like a hard plastic. After wearing it, the earphones are not easy to fall off. Suitable for driving, making calls, exercising, watching videos or listening to music.

feasycom do have some small size audio module for choose .

The most welcome module is FSC-BT802 Module, CSR8670 Chipset ,ultra small size ,11.5*9.7*1.8 mm,


It is suitable for small size product ,such as earphone ,audio transmitter ,audio receiver device.

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