multiple connection bluetooth module in data transmission and mesh technology

- Nov 14, 2020-

Bluetooth Multiple Connections Solutions

Many people think that Bluetooth connection just have one-to-one connection, but one-to-one connection in many application scenarios cannot meet the requirements, these applications need multiple Bluetooth connections. Following as Feasycom’s multiple connections solutions .


1. Master/Slave multiple connections

The master pairs with the slaves one by one. Each connection will build a channel. The master can send data to each channel or receive data from each channel. Multipile connections cannot send data at the same time. In other words, the communication between them is not a throughput transmission mode, and it needs to communicate with different slaves at different times by sending instructions. The master-slave multi-connection is suitable for the construction of small-scale Piconet and Scatternet.



2. Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth Mesh provides many-to-many transmission between devices, and has the ability to build a large-scale network coverage. It uses network flood management technology. The data sent by a node will be forwarded by all nodes that support relay, but It will not be forwarded infinitely, and the node that has forwarded the data will no longer forward it. At the same time, Bluetooth Mesh has some special mechanisms, such as packet lifetime (Time To Live) management, which also effectively prevents unlimited forwarding of data. Bluetooth Mesh is suitable for IoT solutions that require tens of thousands of devices to transmit in a reliable and safe environment, such as building automation and wireless sensor networks.


3.Feasycom Bluetooth Modules which support multiple-connections:

3.1 FSC-BT630:

* Nordic nRF52832

* BLE 5.0

* FCC, CE, IC, KC certifications

* Ultra small size: 10 x 11.9 x 1.7mm

Function introduction: support BLE central and peripheral simultaneously, support up to 6 connections (with 6 BLE modules or mobile devices) simultaneously, working power consumption is less than 5 mA, standby power consumption is 15 uA (broadcast interval = 1000 ms).

Application scenarios:

* The communication between multiple devices is required, such as door locks and lights;

* Gateway for collecting data from multiple devices;

Advantages and disadvantages: low power consumption, small data volume, complete certification.

3.2 FSC-BT681(MESH)


* BLE 5.0, Bluetooth Mesh

* Ultra small size: 10 x 11.9 x 1.7mm

Function introduction: Support OTA; support Tmall Genie access; 2 PWM complementary outputs; Data transmission in the Mesh network, can be unicast, can be multicast; Support standard SIG Models for light control; Support three provisioning modes: APP networking Mode, Tmall Genie networking mode, self-organizing network mode.

Application scenarios:

1.Smart home (lighting, electrician switch panel);

2.Sensors (soilless cultivation, smart greenhouse);

3.Smart Medical (ward)

Advantages and disadvantages: standard MESH, 60K+ network nodes, small data volume, slightly larger power consumption, and more suitable for long power supply equipment (common node power consumption is 10MA, low power consumption node is within 1MA);

3.3 FSC-BT836B

* Realtek RTL8761

* Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode

* Support SPP, GATT, HID protocol

* High speed: 80KB/S(Android), 65KB/S(iOS)

* Dimensions: 13 x 26.9 x 2.0mm

Function introduction: Support master and slave simultaneously, support multiple connections with up to 10 devices (7 SPP slave devices + 3 BLE slave devices in master mode; 7 SPP master devices + 1 BLE master device in slave mode) simultaneously, the data rate between modules can reach 20 kB/s in the high-speed multi-connection state;

Application scenarios:

* Dongle, gateway (need to be the master and slave at the same time, and the amount of data is large, regardless of power consumption, multi-channel data collection);

* Smart medical care;

*Advantages and disadvantages: large amount of data, fast speed, does not support automatic pairing temporarily;

For more detail bluetooth solutions, please feel free to contact with Feasycom sales team.