New Bluetooth Standard What Does LE Audio Mean

- Feb 28, 2020-

On January 7, at the CES2020 exhibition, Bluetooth SIG released a new generation of Bluetooth technology standards: LE audio. The main features are: low power consumption and high performance.

In particular, its support for “multiple audio streaming technology” will have a disruptive effect on TWS (True Wireless) headphones.

To put it simply: the current Bluetooth transmitting device can only connect to a single receiving device. After receiving a Bluetooth signal, a unit in the TWS headset must forward the information of one channel to another headset. Under the LE-audio standard, the transmitter can directly connect the left and right units of the TWS at the same time, which greatly reduces the delay and improves the stability. This also means that the TWS headset will have a phased replacement in the future.

Others: LE-audio’s broadcast audio features can greatly facilitate audio sharing, and there are more social application scenarios: such as friend party music sharing, conference and other indoor scene broadcasting, etc.

Enhanced stability: LE-audio emphasizes ensuring information transmission in the case of low bit rate connections.

As far as HIFI is not concerned, high-definition Bluetooth still needs APTX-HD, LDAC, HWA and other standards to get it.

It is not excluded that in the future, the high-definition Bluetooth standard will also adopt “multi-audio streaming technology” to improve the connection stability. Due to the high transmission code rate, the high-definition Bluetooth standard not only consumes large power, but the connection stability is not as good as ordinary Bluetooth formats. There are some contradictions in popular application scenarios.