Realtek launch Raychem Bluetooth Smart Audio Chip (RTL8773B)

- Nov 14, 2019-

On Oct 29, Realtek successfully held the launch conference of Raychem Bluetooth Smart Audio Chip in Shenzhen.

This time , they showed the Bluetooth 5 ANC Smart Headset SoC (RTL8773B), according the company web information, the RTL8773B is the ideal ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) Bluetooth 5 Audio SoC for AI Headset application. It supports the latest Bluetooth 5 specification and Hybrid ANC, and also provides very low power consumption during music-playback and phone conversations.

About the low power consumption, the RTL8773B is great audio Soc for TWS headset, and the Audio Marketing Director said that the Realtek RTL8773C chip is very outstanding in terms of low latency: "RTL8773BFP can achieve 100ms or lower latency compared to Huawei Freebuds 3 (Kirin A1; 190ms), Vivo TWS Earphone (QCC5126; 180ms), AirPods Pro (H1; TBC).

Currently, Feasycom has many Bluetooth modules with Realtek chip, including the data and audio application. Especially in the Bluetooth Printer solution, Feasycom has 60% Bluetooth chip from Realtek. About the audio solution, we are looking forward has a new module with this Bluetooth 5 ANC Smart Headset SoC.



Source From Realtek