Replacement for HC-05 ,HC06 Module

- Jul 18, 2019-

If you are using an HC-05 to receive data .You may found that it only uses BTClassic. It does well with all other BTClassic device but not with the ble device. 

You may found that the problem lies with the HC-05 not having BLE. 

So you have to find a Bluetooth device to replace your HC-05. RIP HC-05, you have done a super job so far.

Feasycom can help you fixed this problem ,we have an alternatives to the HC-05.

In a short word,For those who’s projects that are adopting HC-05 module ,and HC05 is only classic bluetooth module ,it no longer suitable for your project if you prefer a dual mode bluetooth module (BLE +SPP ).And you want to replace it with other better modules. 

Feasycom bring you FSC-BT826. This module is perfectly better than HC-05 and support SPP, GATT at the same time!

The most important it is HC-05 pin to pin, then you can use FSC-BT826 replace it directly ,no need do any change of your pcb design.

Below you will find the brief information of the FSC-BT826:

Module CodeClassicBLEChipSize(mm)Transmission PowerProfilesCover Range
FSC-BT826YesYesRealtek 876126.9*13*25.5dBmSPP,GATT,HID,etc10m(33ft)

For more details refer here :FSC-BT826 better than hc05 module