The advantage of dual mode bluetooth module

- Jul 18, 2019-

Bluetooth dual mode is a BT module designed for data transmission applications, combining classic Bluetooth and BLE low-energy Bluetooth, it supports Bluetooth BR/EDR (SPP transparent transmission protocol) and BLE low-power protocol. In devices with dual mode modules, both technologies share the same front-end RF and antenna. Typical dual-mode devices cut cross smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Gateways. These devices can receive data sent over BLE or Bluetooth BR/EDR devices, which often contain sufficient power bank.

Advantages of dual mode Bluetooth module:

1. Compared with BLE Bluetooth module, the compatibility of dual mode Bluetooth module is better, especially for connecting mobile phones from devices, because of the diversity of Android system, the compatibility with Android phones is better;

2. Compared with classic Bluetooth module, dual-mode Bluetooth module’s compatibility and transmission speed is better, can support IOS devices, can also support classic Bluetooth Android devices;

3. In contrast to regular audio Bluetooth module, dual-mode Bluetooth module supports the audio, phone book, phone and other protocols, can also support the transmission of BLE and SPP protocol, fully meets the needs of audio and data applications.

For those applications that are widely used and need to adapt to various models of IOS and Android devices, or devices that require data, dual mode Bluetooth module is the best choice.

About Feasycom:

In the application of dual-mode Bluetooth module, it is the earliest and most professional project provider/manufacturer in China. It has application solutions for various chips. CSR, TI, Realtek and other chips. Here are some of dual-mode Bluetooth modules that Feasycom presents: BT901, BT816, BT826, BT806, etc., among which BT806 can support dual-mode data and audio, phone book and other protocols, and in the technology of dual-mode module, it is better than other manufacturers in the same industry. The transmission is faster, and the dual-mode module for multi-connection applications is first introduced by Feasycom in China, which can support 7 Android devices and 1 IOS device to make connections at the same time.

For most IOS devices, the data transmission can only go with the BLE protocol, and the data volume is relatively small. But the dual-mode module provided by Feasycom has already adopted Apple’s IAP2 protocol, which can support Apple MFI certification, thus can fit more data transmission requirements.