The difference between bluetooth 5.0 and bluetooth 5.1

- Feb 21, 2020-

 In previous news, we introduced Bluetooth 5.0, let’s reviews that, Bluetooth 5.0 has a long range(Compare with BLE 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 can up to 300m), also has a high capacity BLE broadcast, the power consumption lower than BLE 4.2 as well, speed higher than BLE 4.2, And Bluetooth 5.0 can improve the accuracy of indoor positioning, can optimize the navigation function, and cooperate with Wi-Fi can achieve Bluetooth indoor positioning function with accuracy close to 1 meter.

How about BLE 5.1 standard, compare with BLE 5.0, the positioning function is more accurate, up to the centimeter level(Needn’t Wi-Fi cooperative), it’ll save cost for customer, It can play an important role in navigating indoors, quickly finding scenes such as bracelets / remote controls.

BLE 5.1 also optimized GATT profile, improved the pair and communication speed, helps to avoid packet collisions with a random channel index to ensure Bluetooth ad arrival rates, etc.

FSC-BT618 is a BLE 5.1 standard module, it adopt TI CC2642R chipset, UART interface, AT commands programmable, if you’re looking for a BLE 5.1 module, FSC-BT618 is a good choice, how to purchase it? Just message Feasycom sales team.