TTL VS RS232,what is the difference?

- Jul 25, 2019-

What is TTL ?

This method of serial communication is sometimes referred to as TTL serial (transistor-transistor logic). Serial communication at a TTL level will always remain between the limits of 0V and Vcc, which is often 5V or 3.3V. A logic high ('1') is represented by Vcc, while a logic low ('0') is 0V.

What is RS232 ?

The serial port complies with the RS-232 (Recommended Standard 232) telecommunications standard. RS-232 signals are similar to your microcontroller's serial signals in that they transmit one bit at a time, at a specific baud rate, with or without parity and/or stop bits. The two differ solely at a hardware level. By the RS-232 standard a logic high ('1') is represented by a negative voltage – anywhere from -3 to -25V – while a logic low ('0') transmits a positive voltage that can be anywhere from +3 to +25V. On most PCs these signals swing from -13 to +13V.

Feasycom bluetooth module FSC-BT630,replacement of  RN42HID-I/RM module ,it is a compact bluetoth module (3.3 v serial TTL).

If you prefer bluetooth module support RS232 not TTL ,then you may need an adapter for RS23L to TTL .

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