What can class 1 csr bluetooth adapter do ?

- Jul 07, 2019-

There are kinds of bluetooth adapter in the market ,but you may not so clear about what can bluetooth adapter do ?

FeasyAdapter USB is a Class 1 Long Range Bluetooth Smart Ready USB Adapter. With BT4.0 capabilities, gives you high quality music and data transmission experience with no packet loss or data delay at the speed of 3Mbps.

Play music

· Connect with your phone. Click A2DP and AVRCP, after stereo connection established, the music on your phone can be played on computer.

· Connect with headphone or speaker. You can listen to the music in the computer through headphone or speaker.


 Transfer file

 After paring with your mobile phone, you can transfer files in your mobile phone to computer or transfer files in computer to your mobile phone.


 Answer a call

 Connect with mobile phone, turn on the HFP option, then you can answer a phone call.



 Connect Bluetooth mouse and keyboard expansion peripherals.

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