what influence the transmission range of BLE Bluetooth Module?

- Feb 06, 2020-

At present, Bluetooth low energy modules are more and more widely used. Because of its low power consumption, small size, low cost, and strong compatibility, many electronic devices and smart devices are in use, and more scenarios and products will be used in the future.

The disadvantage of BLE module everyone thinks of is the transmission range, because it is a short-range transmission technology. Here is how to ensure that your low-power Bluetooth module can transmit as far as possible, which is an obstacle. What are the factors that affect the transmission distance of the Bluetooth low energy module?

1.Attention should be paid to obstacle removal

Obstacle blocking has an important impact on wireless transmission of BLE modules.

BLE module is similar to light transmission, and it transmits directly in the air through wireless electromagnetic waves. When BLE module is used, the biggest obstacle is metal and obstacles, including the walls, mountains, woods and other objects in the building that have a reinforced mesh inside, which hinder the straight transmission of light. These obstacles not only block wireless transmission signals, but they can also absorb electromagnetic energy: weak currents leak out. If there are many obstacles in the opposite direction of transmission and reception, the signal transmitted by the low-power Bluetooth module has almost no possibility of penetration. Even if it can penetrate, the signal is very weak.

2. Use high gain antenna

Generally, the antenna gain value is proportional to the wireless transmission distance. The higher the antenna gain, the longer the transmission distance. However, there is no possibility that the value added of the antenna is infinite.

3. Position adjustment of BLE module

BLE module adjusts the position, such as offset and height, so that the wireless transmission distance of the low-power Bluetooth module can be further extended. To achieve a good transmission effect of the low-power Bluetooth module, the antenna placement must be selected. The placement position can be a little higher, as far as possible, both sides should be placed at a high place, or one side should radiate downwards at a higher place, reduce the obstruction of obstacles and minimize the blind area of the signal. It can also achieve a longer transmission distance; Bluetooth low energy module The connected antennas are placed on the same horizontal plane, so the sensing surface for signal transmission and reception is the largest, and the transmission distance is even longer.